Hair Tips

Now that you're a Bella Doll, lets protect your investment.

***Virgin/Raw Hair is the most luxurious hair extension on the market. Each bundle can vary slightly in texture and wave pattern since it comes from different donors. NO two bundles are exactly the same.***

• Caring for Virgin/Raw Hair is no different from caring for your natural hair. Our Virgin/Raw Hair is the closest you will find to your natural hair.


Here are just a few tips on daily care to keep your hair weave looking healthy, manageable and re-usable.



When Washing Your Hair

Detangle your hair with a wide tooth comb from the bottom to the top. They key is to keep your Bella Hair clean and moist.  Brush your hair and remove all tangles and knots. Then wet a small portion of hair at the time and use a good detangling shampoo, and a rich moisturizer. Distribute shampoo and conditioner evenly throughout the hair. Always wash hair going in a downward motion. Use a old shirt to dry hair, NEVER A TOWEL. Apply a deep moisturizing conditioner to your extensions.
After washing and conditioning your hair, apply a good leave -in conditioning product, this always helps to keep your hair super soft and moist.



Wavy & Curly Hair

Detangle your hair extensions ONLY when the hair is wet (detangling your hair while its dry can cause breakage, shedding, and loss of hair). Detangle your curly/wavy hair EVERY morning and EVERY night before wrapping (please follow same wrapping instructions listed above). Use a leave in conditioner/water mix to help keep your curls/waves moisturized. ALWAYS comb/detangle from the ends up. Use a DAILY* curling cream with water to help with moisture and to prevent shedding/tangling/interlocking of the curls/waves 


 When Sleeping

You must NEVER sleep on wet hair. Sleeping on wet hair is known to matte hair that makes it very difficult to keep the hair the way you want. Always cover your hair with satin bonnets or scarfs. It’s best to braid or wrap your extensions before bed. Rolling your hair in rods at night will maintain your curls and limit the amount of heat you have to use on your hair daily.Please be gentle so you do not rip the lace.
Please wash and condition your unit weekly or bi- weekly.
Always comb or brush you unit from the tip to the lace.
(Starting from the scalp down may destroy your unit and cause extreme shedding.


When Coloring

When color we recommend you seek a professional ‘colorist’. We are not responsible for chemically damaged hair. Every hair is not alike and will react different to different products and chemicals. We highly recommend that you test a small portion of hair FIRST before applying the chemical throughout the entire bundle or unit. You must deep condition you hair weekly especially after chemically treating it. Failing to do so will result in extreme dryness and shedding. Please treat your tresses with extra care.